Glas Col是实验室和工业设备领域的领先制造商。Glas Col生产高质量的加热罩、实验室摇瓶和搅拌器、空气过滤系统和各种实验室产品。

GLAS-COL 主要产品介绍

Glas-Col manufactures diverse heating devices for laboratory or industrial use. Our products are manufactured to either surround the vessel with one of our heating mantles or wrap it with a heating tape or cord. Several standard mantles are available for commonly used vessels.
Glas Col生产各种实验室或工业用加热设备。我们的产品被制造成用我们的加热罩包围容器,或者用加热带或加热线包裹容器。常用的容器有几种标准罩。

This is the process of separating a liquid mixture into its components based on differences in boiling points. Our popular sir-mantles with heated / insulated tops have been a proven system to complete distillations.

Glas-Col/Airfiltronix builds top quality ductless fume hoods used in the fields of medicine, research and countless industries. We manufacture fume hoods & Ductless Containment Hoods, which are self-contained workstations that help to protect the operator's breathing zone from harmful airborne fumes and particulate.
Glas Col/Alfiltronix制造用于医学、研究和无数行业的高品质无导管通风柜。我们生产通风柜和无管道安全罩,这是一种独立的工作站,有助于保护操作员的呼吸区域免受有害的空气传播烟雾和颗粒物的影响。


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